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pineappl_xpress's Journal

Pineapple Express Movie Fans
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Pineapple Express Movie

This LJ community is dedicated to the hilarious movie, Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Danny R. McBride. Here you can discuss anything relating to the film be it the plot or the cast and crew. Fanfiction, fanart, icons, etc. are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Seeing that this is a movie about a pothead and his drug dealer I should lay down a few ground rules. Well there would be rules anyway.

1. Weed is a gateway drug so don't do any of the other stuff! It'll kill ya! Wait a minute... The real first rule is to be respectful of one another.

2. Please use the LJ-cut tag when posting large pictures, fanfics (especially those rated R or higher), and spoilers! If want to post more than 3 icons please put them under a Lj-cut. If you are not sure how to do this check here.

3. When posting fanart and fanfics use the following headers:

Warnings: if applicable

4. Regarding fanfiction, I am fine with most genres but the only exception would be Real Person Fiction (RPF). So please do not post any RPF stories on this comm. Stories about Saul Silver are fine but stories about James Franco are not. If you would like to start a comm dedicated to PE related RPF, I am more than willing to list it as an affiliate. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

5. Don't advertise communities unless they are related to Pineapple Express or the film's cast and crew.
Bad = am_i_sexxxy
Good = we_love_seth

If you aren't sure if the community qualifies, or have any other questions and concerns, feel free to contact me at scarbie at gmail dot com.

I'm pretty laid back but don't make me break out the yellow Daewoo Lanos on you!

Check out apatowfic for Judd Apatow film related fanfiction.
seth_rogen_love for all those needing their Rogen fix. ♥

Pineapple Express Official Website
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Pineapple Express Club on Y!Gallery - Please note that this is primarily a slash fansite.